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Hey, there, strawberry babycakes with whipped cream on top, remember my latest giveaway?

Shut up, you know you do.

Well, a winner has been chosen at random, and the misfit who won the right to have Jaws chew off her arm while she bakes is…

Andrea!  who said she’d be baking…

“cookies!!!! but they will be very special cookies indeed if i am trading my arm for them! ;]
P.S. i love the victorian measuring spoons!”

Rock on, Andrea–start mauling your mail delivery professional daily for news of your incoming shark attack.

In other news, my site may experience a little downtime tomorrow due to some technical nonsense that simply must occur, lest the universe blow up and everything cease to matter.  Hopefully Bad Mama Genny will only have a run in her virtual fishnets very briefly, after which time she will be up and running again, and continuing to refer to herself in the third person.  Until then, I’ll still be on Twitter.

Collective sigh of motherfucking relief, all y’alls!

Love and Big Red Kisses,

Your BMG

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Photo by D. Sharon Pruitt


So, remember that Subversive Cross Stitch Giveaway I ran?

And how I announced the winner on Friday?

Well, hike up your fishnets, mah little babies, ’cause the fun ain’t over yet!

Julie Jackson, the bitchin’ babe behind Subversive Cross Stitch, asked me to pick 5 runners-up so she could gift them with the pdf of their favorite design.  Even more subversive fun for you most subversive of misfits.

The winners, who shall be notified with much pomp and circumstance very shortly, are as follows:
Kristineh, who said:
“This is the funniest give away I’ve ever seen. I would pick the #@%&!! cross stitch. The head master at the high school I worked for had a story about how to pronounce #@%&!!. When he was a little kid, his crazy uncle was reading him the comics and #@%&!! was printed in one of the scenes. He asked how you were supposed pronounce that to which his uncle replied “goddamnshitswear.” It’s my favorite expletive to use ever since.”

sleepyheadedmom, who said:
“Best giveaway ever!
I would pick the Shut the Fuck Up one.
I NEED one of those Metal quilts. Maybe I’ll get or make one for my fiance as a wedding gift. Good sh*t.”

lynn, who said:
“i’d choose shut your piehole. wait. people are cattle. no wait, shut your piehole. yes, shut your piehole!

Jennifer, who said:
“Bitch, please!
Of course I’d pick “Bitch, please!”, though there are so many lovely ways to say “fuck”, aren’t there?”

And Marty J. Christopher, who said:
“I don’t even know which one to choose; I love them all so much. I’m maybe drawn to the one that says “Shut Your Whore Mouth” only because when I saw that one, I busted out laughing. : ) Nice giveaway. LOVES it!”

Congrats, awesome ladies, and a big thank you and virtual pair of fishnets to Julie Jackson of Subversive Cross Stitch, without whom this extra water balloon full o’ fun would never have popped.

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Hello again, my wittle misfittles!  Remember my bitchin’ Subversive Cross Stitch Giveaway?  Yeah, me too!  Anyway, the winner has been drawn, and the lucky gal is Erica, who said:

“I’m loving the ‘Bitch, please!’ kit.”

I’m lovin’ it, too, Erica, and pretty soon you’ll be hearing from me about the “Bitch, please!” kit that I’m sending your way.  It should be noted that Erica increased her chances of winning by following me on Twitter and tweeting a link to my blog.  Something to keep in mind for next time, dollfaces!

Thanks for entering and, uh, for being so damn funny and positive in the comments.  I believe the misfits are our future, and right now, the future is looking pretty.  friggin’.  bright.

Lotsa love and big red kisses,

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Unwarranted photo of Nicholas Cage with a rabid wombat eating his face by Kirk Weaver

Well, my little creative freaks, I am chock-full of misfititude today.  CHOCK-FULL, I SAY.

Which can only mean one thing:  I’m feeling generous.

Which can only mean one thing: You stand to benefit.

Which can only mean one thing: It’s time for another giveaway.

That’s right, misfits!  Im’ma have you salivating over some totally righteous buyables with another installment of “My Favoritest Stuffs and Things!”  Remember how much fun that was last time?

Yeah, me either, I was drunk, too.

So let’s not waste another moment, we’ve got a Bad Mama Genny Fueled Consumerism Frenzy to set in motion!

Bad Mama Genny Fueled Consumerism Frenzies.  They’re the American Way.

1. Glow Graffiti Light in a Can

Vandalism at its finest, people.  Do I need to tell you how much fun potential this stuff has?  Now, keep in mind, I’m not encouraging any unwanted property decoration.  Except on the abodes of Internet trolls.  Heh.  Heh.  HEH.

2.  Flower Grenades

Subversive item the second, misfits!  But this is one grenade that can do serious good.  How many abandoned lots do you pass on your commute every day?  Wouldn’t they be a whole lot sexier if they were full of wildflowers?

Absolutely, you say!

Bad Mama Genny, your logic is airtight, you say!

Oh, BMG, you have amazing hair with no flyaways whatsoever, you say!

What?  You totally said that.

3. Ben Venom’s Metal T-Shirt Quilts

Check out these Ben Venom metal t-shirt quilts featured on the Domestic Sluttery blog.  Fab, right?  They’re not cheap, but if you’re looking to spend on the metalhead in your life (uh, YOURSELF?! Chya!), I can’t think of anything cooler.

4. 8-bit Eyeglasses

This product espouses the nerd-chic movement (that’s a movement, right?) better than anything I’ve seen in like, oh, I dunno, ever or something.  They’re by dzmitrysamal.com and for anyone who was there to witness 8-bit while it was actually a thing, they are beautiful and touching in the heartstrings place.  A big thanks to Nicole Balch and her babble.com blog for pointing these out.

5.  Subversive Cross Stitch (Giveaway!)

People, this is everything that is awesome about arts and crafts minus everything that sucks, plus some serious attitude that is very much pleasing to the Bad Mama Genny person.  Can’t you see yourself happily stitching “Shut Your Whore Mouth” whilst listening to Foo Fighters and eating one spicy meat-a-ball?

I can.  In fact, I plan to.

They come in so many pleasing designs, too.  Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Get a jump start on the holiday cheer, bitches!

And Exhibit C:

And I’m giving away a FREE Basic Kit (includes fabric, thread, pattern, and instructions) of the winner’s choice to one lucky reader!

To Enter:

1 Chance: Leave a comment on this post telling me which cross stitch kit you’d choose (Check out your options here), and you’ll be entered into a random drawing to win it.

2 Chances: Want an extra go?  Follow me on Twitter for the first time, and leave a second comment here telling me that you did.

3 Chances: Still not enough for you?  Damn if you misfits aren’t demanding!  Well, I’m an obliging Bad Mama Genny.  Tweet a link to my blog’s homepage and leave a third comment telling me that you did.

You have until Thursday, August 11th at noon (CST) to enter, so hike up your fishnets and get going!  I’ll announce the lucky misfit shortly after.

Love and big red kisses,


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Thanks for entering last week’s contest, misfits!  The winner, decided by a random number generator, is oona b, who had this to say about garden soundtracks:

“I like to listen to Tribe Called Quest, anything but the wretched autotune music my daughter insists on playing 24-7!”

Ah, yes.  The autotuner.  Crappyness at its finest, misfits!

And it should be noted that Ms. oona b had improved her chances of winning by following me on Twitter and leaving a comment to that effect–just more proof that following me on Twitter may pay off in ways unrelated to a shiny new straitjacket!

Eh?  EH?

Some of your comments made me laugh so hard I just about busted a run in my fishnets.  And you know what?  It would have been worth it (and you KNOW how I feel about runs in my fishnets, dahlings.)  So thanks a ton, and stay tuned for more Big Bad Fun!



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