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Kewpie dolls, my order of kitchen linens from House 8810 just came in!  And they are fab. yoo. lous.

"You're the Cream in My Coffee" Yes, new towel. Yes, you are.

Put the cream in your coffee right here.

"Keep My Skillet Good and Greasy" Butterfat, bacon...I'm not picky, really.

Grease that skillet o’ yours by doing the clicky-click here.

And perhaps my favorite, "I Love You Like Biscuits And Gravy." Aww, I love you, too, badass new kitchen towel.

Love yourself like Biscuits and Gravy by adding this to your cart.

Get it?! It looks like a picnic blanket?! And there's, there's, there's picnic ants crawling on it?! Yeah.

Throw your own picnic with these napkins.

Check out the red stitching detail on the borders (actual stitches). Love the bite taken out of each 'nana.

Be a bananimal in the kitchen with these.

And this is the cyoooot cloth "envelope" that my receipt came in. Already trying to find some cool purpose for it...

So I treated myself.  The Boy and I are on a never-ending quest to use little to no paper toweling or paper napkins, and occasionally that requires expanding our linen collection via an extremely stylin’, totally boss shopping spree.  What?

Happy weekend, bananimals!

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