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Oh, for Delilah’s sake, misfits, my garden is like the set of “16 and Pregnant” right now.

It’s an epidemic!  Babies having babies!

And you know what?  The little sluts want more!

Okay, now that’s just ASKING for it.

That last photo is Blondkopfchen tomatoes–little yellow pear tomatoes.  The name, literally translated, is “Little Blonde Girl.”  (In bed!)  That pretty much says it all, now doesn’t it?

So how do I feel about having a veritable brothel on my little plot of earth?  I’m not gonna lie–I’m pretty freaking proud.

Also, if I ran a brothel, it would be the awesomest brothel in town, full of fishnetty goodness and lots of good times spent sitting around eating chocolate truffles and laughing with all our teeth showing.  We’d all stick together, like in that music video for “Love is a Battlefield,” and we’d dutifully share tutus with one another.  And if someone crossed one of us, we’d make an example of him.  Like those hookers did to Neil Patrick Harris in that second Harold and Kumar movie.

But I digress.

Oh, yeah, and those soon to be enormous tomatoes?  All grown in containers.  This is as close as Your Bad Mama Genny gets to a religious experience.  Check out my bitchin’ soil recipe for fab tomatoes.

So how does your garden grow right now?  (In bed!)

Are your plants whorin’ it up as ambitiously as mine, or are they regular prudes, with nary a bloom in sight?

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