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You know how people always say, “Ohh, don’t use Twitter and Facebook to tell people what you had for breakfast!  That’s, like, sooo the wrong way to use the Internets!”?

Well, they do.

Anyway, whenever it happens, it makes me cringe.  That’s because I’m a food voyeur.  I WANT to know what you had for breakfast.  I also wanna know what you had for lunch, dinner, elevenses, high tea, clandestine snack time, and midnight munchfest.  And hell, I’ll go a step further.  I wanna know what’s in your fridge, too.

I’m not that houseguest who prowls through your medicine cabinet.  Couldn’t care less.  But I will stand in the kitchen having cocktails and laughing and chatting with everyone else while the little person in my head goes, “WHAT’S IN THE FRIDGE, OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD!”  Could it be…camembert cheeese?  A big bowl of citrus fruits?  Craft beer, or the cheap stuff?  A log of salami?  A body?  And what do they keep in the pantry?

Well, you shouldn’t dish it out if you can’t take it, right?

So I’ll let you in on the things that are always in my fridge and pantry, even when we haven’t shopped in a while.

In Team Frigidaire’s Corner, we have:

*Hard-boiled eggs (Great for an on-the-go breakfast for The Boy, or a healthy snack for me.  Ladies, eggs are the original 100-calorie pack…except they’re only 70 calories!  Eat real food.  Seriously.)

*Whole milk plain yogurt (A light lunch these days looks like a bowl of this yogurt, several hefty BAMS of Saigon Cassia Cinnamon from The Spice House, a handful of sliced almonds, and a handful of golden raisins.  Stir and nom.)

*Lacto-fermented produce (Right now we’ve got pickled crocks of red cabbage sauerkraut, garlic dill carrots, garlic basil tomatoes, cuke spears and slices, chow chow relish, jalapenos, hot-and-sour sesame cabbage, kim chi, and whole clementines floating in probiotic caramel syrup)

*Sourdough starter

*Cheeeeeeese (at a minimum, we’ve got grated pecorino romano, yogurt cheese, and often a hard, aged cheddar of sorts)

*Organic peanut-and-salt-only peanut butter

*Whey (for more lacto-fermenting, my friends)

*Lemons (salad dressing, soup brightening, beverage-enhancing…lemons do it all!)

*Grass-fed butter in one-pound blocks

*The Boy’s Homebrewed Beer (at the moment it’s one keg each of Wit and Red Rye IPA)

*A tub of miso paste

*Scanmask beneficial nematodes (What?  They’re for my plants.  You’re SUPPOSED to keep them in the fridge.  What?)

And over on Team Pantry, we’ve got:

*Assorted nuts (at the moment, it’s slivered almonds, whole almonds, chopped pecans, and walnut halves–all of them raw)

*Dried fruits (always raisins, at least the golden ones, but usually both)

*Bananas (I went through a phase once where I ate three bananas a day.  It lasted years.  I have no legitimate defense.  I still eat one just about every day.)

*Chocolate….lots of it, in various forms.  (I rarely go a night without having some, and I always keep a large, high-quality block of 72% around for shaving, chipping, chunking, and OH YEAH MAJOR NOMMING OM NOM NOM…)

*Canned tuna and/or salmon and/or anchovies (You can do just about anything with tinned fish, am I right?  I SAID, AM I RIGHT??  Thank you.)

*Coconut milk (Being lactose-intolerant, I feel that this one is pretty important, y’all.  Soups, dairy substitute, curry base, ice “cream”…)

*Seaweed (the roasted and salted kind is great for snacking, provides an iodine boost if you don’t use iodized salt, and can be thrown into some miso broth in a pinch with a poached egg for some awesome soup…yes, this is as close to ramen packets as I will probably ever get.)

Of course, this doesn’t include our very generous assortment of specialty spices, oils, sauces, flours, sugars, grains, blah blah blah.  I figure those are a given.  And every Friday we get a CSA box delivered with more goodies.

Well, how’d I do?  More boring than you thought?  Anything shocking?  I have quite a few living things in my fridge, don’t I?  I also have quite a few DEAD things MWAHAHAHAHHA!

Okay, now fair’s fair.  Feed my obsession and tell me what YOU always keep on hand.

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