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Hey, there, strawberry babycakes with whipped cream on top, remember my latest giveaway?

Shut up, you know you do.

Well, a winner has been chosen at random, and the misfit who won the right to have Jaws chew off her arm while she bakes is…

Andrea!  who said she’d be baking…

“cookies!!!! but they will be very special cookies indeed if i am trading my arm for them! ;]
P.S. i love the victorian measuring spoons!”

Rock on, Andrea–start mauling your mail delivery professional daily for news of your incoming shark attack.

In other news, my site may experience a little downtime tomorrow due to some technical nonsense that simply must occur, lest the universe blow up and everything cease to matter.  Hopefully Bad Mama Genny will only have a run in her virtual fishnets very briefly, after which time she will be up and running again, and continuing to refer to herself in the third person.  Until then, I’ll still be on Twitter.

Collective sigh of motherfucking relief, all y’alls!

Love and Big Red Kisses,

Your BMG

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