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Hello again, my wittle misfittles!  Remember my bitchin’ Subversive Cross Stitch Giveaway?  Yeah, me too!  Anyway, the winner has been drawn, and the lucky gal is Erica, who said:

“I’m loving the ‘Bitch, please!’ kit.”

I’m lovin’ it, too, Erica, and pretty soon you’ll be hearing from me about the “Bitch, please!” kit that I’m sending your way.  It should be noted that Erica increased her chances of winning by following me on Twitter and tweeting a link to my blog.  Something to keep in mind for next time, dollfaces!

Thanks for entering and, uh, for being so damn funny and positive in the comments.  I believe the misfits are our future, and right now, the future is looking pretty.  friggin’.  bright.

Lotsa love and big red kisses,

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