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Thanks for entering last week’s contest, misfits!  The winner, decided by a random number generator, is oona b, who had this to say about garden soundtracks:

“I like to listen to Tribe Called Quest, anything but the wretched autotune music my daughter insists on playing 24-7!”

Ah, yes.  The autotuner.  Crappyness at its finest, misfits!

And it should be noted that Ms. oona b had improved her chances of winning by following me on Twitter and leaving a comment to that effect–just more proof that following me on Twitter may pay off in ways unrelated to a shiny new straitjacket!

Eh?  EH?

Some of your comments made me laugh so hard I just about busted a run in my fishnets.  And you know what?  It would have been worth it (and you KNOW how I feel about runs in my fishnets, dahlings.)  So thanks a ton, and stay tuned for more Big Bad Fun!



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Your Bad Mama Genny is now on Twitter, misfits!  @genevievecharet

Follow me for some ill-advised fun!

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