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So, remember that Subversive Cross Stitch Giveaway I ran?

And how I announced the winner on Friday?

Well, hike up your fishnets, mah little babies, ’cause the fun ain’t over yet!

Julie Jackson, the bitchin’ babe behind Subversive Cross Stitch, asked me to pick 5 runners-up so she could gift them with the pdf of their favorite design.  Even more subversive fun for you most subversive of misfits.

The winners, who shall be notified with much pomp and circumstance very shortly, are as follows:
Kristineh, who said:
“This is the funniest give away I’ve ever seen. I would pick the #@%&!! cross stitch. The head master at the high school I worked for had a story about how to pronounce #@%&!!. When he was a little kid, his crazy uncle was reading him the comics and #@%&!! was printed in one of the scenes. He asked how you were supposed pronounce that to which his uncle replied “goddamnshitswear.” It’s my favorite expletive to use ever since.”

sleepyheadedmom, who said:
“Best giveaway ever!
I would pick the Shut the Fuck Up one.
I NEED one of those Metal quilts. Maybe I’ll get or make one for my fiance as a wedding gift. Good sh*t.”

lynn, who said:
“i’d choose shut your piehole. wait. people are cattle. no wait, shut your piehole. yes, shut your piehole!

Jennifer, who said:
“Bitch, please!
Of course I’d pick “Bitch, please!”, though there are so many lovely ways to say “fuck”, aren’t there?”

And Marty J. Christopher, who said:
“I don’t even know which one to choose; I love them all so much. I’m maybe drawn to the one that says “Shut Your Whore Mouth” only because when I saw that one, I busted out laughing. : ) Nice giveaway. LOVES it!”

Congrats, awesome ladies, and a big thank you and virtual pair of fishnets to Julie Jackson of Subversive Cross Stitch, without whom this extra water balloon full o’ fun would never have popped.

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